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Donations pay for many of the expenses that come with running an online radio station such as website hosting, streaming the music and adding new selections to our already vast collection of ‘80s hits. When a donation is made - it gets allocated to whatever the station needs are at that time.

Who hates commercials? I know I do. Just when you're getting in the groove of things a commercial can ruin your listening experience. That is why we won’t put commercials on our station. A non-stop flow of eighties hits is what we deliver to listeners around the world. We do however have entertaining station identifications to make sure you know you’re listening to ‘80s Mixed.

All donations are submitted through Paypal. When making a donation you don’t even need an account. Paypal is used by businesses around the globe for fast and secure transactions. It’s free to use too.

Making a donation just shows that you listen and love what we do. So what do you say? Make a donation today! No donation is too small and you can see donation progress on our Donation Meter on the front-page of our website. We’ve scattered donation buttons throughout the website and on Facebook.

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We also use ads on our website to help sustain our station. Stop by some of our sponsors today. By doing this we get extra funding.

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Update: 9/16/2016

We are bringing the site back online because allot of work went into the galleries and articles. The radio station has since closed down due to lack of donations. This is just so you know when you donate you are donating to the site now and not the radio station.

Update: 11/12/2017

We are back on the air and commercial free! You can find us on social media again as well as on TuneIn Radio. We couldn't let our fans down. We had to come back. We look forward to playing music from the 1980s till the cows come home. Welcome to '80s Mixed!