Was 'Back to the Future IV' confirmed by Michael J. Fox? One Facebook post from the celebrated actor and the internet went NUTS!

Back to the Future cast

The claim was that Michael J. Fox announced on June 9th, 2018, through a shared Facebook post that he was making 'Back to the Future IV.' Here is what the post said...

Michael J. Fox Facebook post

This post, which was eventually deleted, was originally shared by a Facebook page claiming to be the "official acount of Michael J. Fox". Although the actor has his own social media accounts - this one was fake. It's just another (well played) hoax about the return of one of the biggest and best movie franchises ever to grace the big screen.

Marty and Doc

The fact is that at the end of 'Back to the Future: Part III' it says "The End". Think it's just best to leave it at that. The films are classics and should be left alone. Oh yeah, don't fall for fake news like we did. LOL!

The end of Back to the Future Part 3