Ever since the Hoverboard was introduced in "Back to the Future II", everybody has wanted one. A new video offered hope but was proven fake.


When movie goers were first presented with the seemingly magical Hoverboard in the film "Back to the Future II", Marty (Michael J. Fox) was in the future and stole one from a little girl. The Hoverboard became popular due to the realistic design and the mystery of whether it was real or not. The device has a skateboard design without wheels and reportedly uses magnetism from two metal pads on the bottom to hover.

On March 3rd, 2014, a video and website surfaced offering people hope that these Hoverboards exist. HuvrTech.com created the site and the Funny or Die team made the video introducing what seemed to be a working Hoverboard.

The video starts with Dr. Emmett Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, driving up in a plain DeLorean (no Mr. Fusion) and presents Tony Hawk with a Hoverboard. The short video also has cameos by Moby and Terrell Owens trying out the Hoverboard and then short interviews with the stars, including Hawk, about their experience on the device.

Shortly after the video was released online skeptics started noticing artifacts that editors of the video forgot to remove. The picture below is a still shot from the video and we’ve circled where a crane’s shadow can plainly be seen suspending the person in the air.

Hoverboard Hoax Proof

The following Wednesday, after a little backlash, the dreams of Hoverboard hopefuls came crashing to the ground as Funny or Die apologized for the hoax in yet another video featuring Christopher Lloyd who said - "Those rascals over at Funny or Die tricked you and me into thinking hoverboards were real..." speaking tongue-in-cheek.