The Nintendo Entertainment System console will always have a special place in our hearts. Here are the Top 10 ‘80s NES Games we all love to play.

10. Ducktales - Released: September 14, 1989

Ducktales for the NES had it all: animated characters, various locations, responsive game play, and awesome music. The best part of Ducktales was probably the ability to select your own adventure when you start the game. There was the African Mines, The Amazon, The Himalayas, Transylvania and The Moon to choose from. How RAD is that?

Ducktales Title Screen Logo

9. Kid Icarus - Released: February 15, 1987

Kid Icarus mixed RPG, platforming elements, and puts you in command of Pit, a rookie angel who just wants to help out his buddy, the goddess Palutena with the trouble she's having with Medusa. The game took heavy inspiration from Greek Mythology, helping set it apart from other games, and even went so far as to have multiple endings depending on the gamers performance.

8. Mega Man 2 - Released: December 24, 1988

The original Mega Man was cool but Mega Man 2 took side-scrolling games to a whole new level with better bosses, better music and better game play. Mega Man 2 also gave gamers one of the most overpowered weapons in any games of all time... the Metal Blades - Metal Man's preferred method of killing droids. MEGA-MEGA!

7. Punch-Out!! - Released: November 21, 1987

Punch Out!! was Nintendo's trademark boxing game known for its fast pace, challenging game play and colorful cast of fictional boxers. Honestly, what other boxing games put you up against guys like King Hippo? A big plus was the ability to put in a code and go to where you left off... well kinda.

Punch Out

6. Super Mario Bros. - Released: September 13, 1985

No game is as well known, and no hero as iconic, as Mario. Nearly everyone has played a Mario game, and for good reason. Super Mario Bros. came with every NES (along with Duck Hunt), and gamers around the world helped guide Mario to the castle, only to be confronted with the following maddening message: Your Princess Is In Another Castle. GAG!

5. Contra - Released: February 2, 1988

Contra characters Bill and Lance blast through the jungle, snow, and through an alien hive, gunning down any and every baddie who crossed their path. Konami's hit multiplayer run and gun game was loads of fun, and one of the few NES games enhanced by a cheat code. By inputting the now infamous Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, "B", "A", Start) at the main menu, each player's five lives was increased to thirty, giving gamers a chance to defeat the unrelenting onslaught of aliens, soldiers, and cyborgs.

4. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Released: December 22, 1989

Castlevania III offered multiple pathways for the player to explore and multiple characters to choose from with their own drastically different abilities. Trevor Belmont used whips and holy water, Sorceress Sypha used elemental magic, Grant the Thief can climb walls and change directions mid-jump and Alucard, who is Dracula's son, can shape shift and shoot fireballs. Play it only until the sun comes up!

3. Metroid - Released: January 15, 1986

In Metroid gamers scour planet Zebes for secrets, try to keep bounty hunter Samus alive and navigate the atmosphere of dark, dank corridors bordering on claustrophobic. Also, the game featured a twist ending. After playing through the entire game as what many players assumed to be a dude, Samus removed her helmet to reveal a femme fatale. Gamers were in LOVE!

Metroid Title Screen Logo

2. The Legend of Zelda - Released: August 22, 1987

The Legend of Zelda provided the gamer with a massive world to explore. The land of Hyrule is a dangerous place, and Link has only his wits and his sword (at first) to help him on his quest to retrieve the Triforce and stop Gannon. The game evolved out of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto's childhood memories of being lost in the countryside without a map to guide him, and how amazing and wonderful it felt to stumble across new discoveries. He wanted to encapsulate that experience within a game, and as a result we got the labyrinth filled Legend of Zelda. Buy something will ya!

1. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Released: October 23, 1988

Super Mario Bros. 3 has everything you could ever want in a game. It was colorful, it was fast and it introduced the Raccoon suit. There are so many secrets that people are still discovering. Super Mario Bros. 3 was so packed with levels and power-ups it was a surprise it could fit onto an NES cartridge.

Super Mario Bros 3 Title Screen Logo

The worlds were bright and varied, covering several environment types that have since become staples of Mario gaming. Areas like the grass world, ice world, desert world, as well as a few more interesting areas, like the giant world, with giant blocks and equally giant enemies, and the deadly pipe-world, filled with piranha plants. The game play was so fun yet challenging that even kids of today can play and enjoy the game and that is why it's #1 on our list!